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Setting the Standard.


PORi offers a comprehensive curriculum in Oncology Rehabilitation for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. With an emphasis on live patient presentations, practical clinical skills and a deep physiological understanding of the oncology patient, PORi is equipping therapists to treat this unique and incredibly rewarding patient population.​


PORi's curriculum is designed to enable therapists to build their oncology rehabilitation expertise through an interlinked suite of PORi Core Course Modules and several Adjunct Course Modules. Each module is an assessment-based certificate program and, in addition, once a therapist completes certain module combinations and has a consistent oncology practice, they are designated as a PORi Oncology Rehabilitation Specialist.​


Once a facility/location has at least two current PORi-certified Oncology Rehabilitation Specialists or at least one PORi Oncology Rehabilitation Therapist in each Core discipline, they will be designated a “PORi Center of Excellence”. For a health system, once at least 75% of their locations in a region are PORi Centers of Excellence, the entire regional system can be designated a PORi Center of Excellence.​


PORi has a suite of services that we can offer health systems and facilities looking to develop an oncology rehabilitation service line. If you are a HCA-affiliated or Sarah Cannon facility, we have several existing contracts in place to develop your comprehensive oncology rehabilitation service line. For other health systems, we can customize our offering to provide assistance at any stage of your oncology rehabilitation service line development.​

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